Per Month

With our easypetclub program, pets get free unlimited exams & 10% off services and medications (excluding flea, tick and heartworm preventatives).

With easypetclub, Overland Park owners can enjoy peace of mind with unlimited pet exams, no appointment needed! We’re working hard to keep veterinary care affordable for more pet owners. When you sign your pup or kitty up for a easypetclub, you’re taking an important step in their healthcare, both now and in the future.

We’re helping pets get the care they need for less.

Why Choose an easypetclub?

This program is to help keep the costs of pet care low over your companion’s life. You’ll never have to worry about whether something is ‘serious enough’ to take your pet to the vet, either. Regular trips to the vet make preventive care much more effective. The veterinarian can catch diseases in their earlier stages and talk with you about appropriate treatments that will provide immediate relief. The program is especially perfect for pets with chronic diseases that affect their quality of life, such as diabetes, allergies and recurring skin or ear infections.

How to Get the Most Out of a easypetclub

The easypetclub for Overland Park area is only valid for a single cat or dog and is not transferable. The monthly membership fee is paid up front and will automatically renew each month until the owner cancels the membership. Feel free to drop on by whenever is most convenient for you to take advantage of your unlimited exams!

If you have any questions about easypetclub at easyvetclinic Overland Park, we’re here to help.

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