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Microchipping Overland Park


For most pet parents, becoming separated from their beloved companion is one of their worst nightmares. Unfortunately, dogs and cats get lost every single day and for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes, they take off after becoming frightened by a loud noise, getting hurt, or being involved in an accident. Other times, they wander off while

chasing or tracking another animal. And sometimes, they simply spot an open door or window and seize the opportunity to go explore the world beyond their home. 

Despite doing everything in your power to keep your pet safely at home, there is always a chance that they could get out and get lost. In the event of that happening, having them microchipped is one of the best ways to increase their chances of being able to find their way home. At easyvet Overland Park, we offer microchipping in Overland Park and would be more than happy to perform this simple procedure to help keep your companion safe. 



How it Works

Having your pet microchipped is simple. When you bring them in, we will use a syringe to inject a tiny chip beneath the skin between their shoulder blades. The chip is about the same size as a grain of rice, and the insertion process feels similar to getting vaccinated. The chip contains a number that you need to register online with your personal information, including your phone number, address, etc. The chip itself does not store any information other than the number. 

If your pet ever gets lost and is brought into a vet’s office or a shelter, an employee will scan them for a chip. The scanner will bring up the number, which will then be used to look up your contact information. As long as you have kept the information up-to-date, someone will then contact you to help you reunite with your companion. 

Microchipping in Overland Park

Having your pet microchipped takes only seconds and can literally save your companion’s life if you ever become separated. For microchipping in Overland Park, schedule an appointment with easyvet Overland Park or stop by the clinic today. 


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